Thursday, November 24, 2016

the importance of thanksgiving + what's coming up next for beauty & blazers

Happy Thanksgiving, amigos!! I love Thanksgiving because it’s totally acceptable to have a giant food baby and eat a million rolls (real talk though, I ate 6 rolls last year). On a less materialistic note, I also love Thanksgiving because I get to see all my family and it gives me an opportunity to remind myself to be thankful.

I’ve talked about gratitude a couple times before on the blog, but I really want to reiterate the importance of recognizing all the good things in your life and being thankful for them. I believe especially that people deserve recognition for the good they do, and that we should always, always be saying thank you.

I believe that we should tell people thank you for every little thing. I believe we should tell our friends “Hey, thanks for being my friend, you’re really cool,” on, like, a daily basis. I believe that we should say thank you to that one barista at Starbucks that always makes really good drinks. If you’re happy about something, if you’re thankful for something, just tell someone!

On the flip side, if you are on the receiving end of the thanks, acknowledge that! And, if you do something good, don’t expect that you’ll be thanked, but do it anyway.

As a believer, I also stand by that we need to be thankful to Christ, and to tell him that through prayer. Thank God for the really big things like your friends and family, but also remember to be thankful for the little things like the chicken nuggets you ate for dinner last night, or the hug your friend gave you when you were having a hard day.

Aside from all the Thanksgiving stuff, I would like to take this opportunity to tell y’all a little bit about the blog. FAM. It's been a hot minute since I've blogged, and to be honest, I had to force myself to sit down at this computer. I truly do love blogging, but I think the problem lies in that my blog as of right now is no longer a reflection of me. Beauty & Blazers was a beauty and fashion blog a little girl in 8th grade created so she would have something to fill her time with, but now I find as a junior in high school that I don't want to focus my blog on only beauty or fashion, and I have plenty of things to fill my time with, including a full scale photography business that I have to blog and do social media for in addition to this blog. That's why, in the new year, Beauty & Blazers will be undergoing a massive rebrand in which I'll be combining the blog with my photography stuff. I'll still blog about a lot of the normal topics I cover here, but the blog will have a new look, a new name, and a lot of photography based content. I'll also be combining all of my social media accounts so there won't be so many to handle at once. I'm really excited about this upcoming change, and excited for y'all to see it!!

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