Saturday, November 26, 2016

christmas gift guide for the photographer

IT'S REALLY OFFICIALLY ALMOST CHRISTMAS AND I'M TOO PUMPED. Y'all for real though, I put up all my Christmas decorations last night and I'm a little hyped up on the sheer number of Christmas lights and candy canes I've seen in the last 24 hours. In celebration of that, it's time for my first gift guide of the season!!

As a photographer, I'm always tryna get new gear, so this post is a compilation of things I have and love, and things I'm hoping Santa will drop on my doorstep this year if his elves somehow magically win the lottery ;) Some of the things in this guide will be on the pricier side, simply because photography equipment is generally pretty expensive, but I'll also include some more reasonable prices for those shopping on a budget.

one // a cutie camera strap
The camera strap I use was actually a gift, so I'm not sure where it's from, but there are TONS of adorable camera straps out there to choose from. I think it's really important to have a sturdy and comfortable camera strap because photographers have ALWAYS got their camera around their neck. Sometimes the ones that come from Nikon or Canon get worn down and gross, and they aren't exactly the greatest for comfort. For the photographer that moves around a lot and carries around a lot of gear, spring for something nice and functional like this strap, but if you're looking for something a little on the cheaper (and cuter) side, Etsy always has awesome straps like this one.

two // a prism
Y'all, I bought a prism this month and I'm obsessed with it!! I haven't had too much opportunity to shoot with it yet (I'm so excited to bring it to my next portrait session), but these are really neat because they bring a lot of light into photos and make really awesome lens distortions which make your photos super unique and interesting! Plus, this one from Amazon is only $16!!

three // a nice camera bag
I have a pretty nice camera bag - it definitely does the job I need it to, but in the future I would definitely like to invest in a bag that's a little bigger, and a little more stylish. Some of the bags I've been coveting lately are the Lola Rose bag from Gatta Bags, which is actually a pretty good price for the quality, but is also a smaller bag, and the Leather Capri bag from ONA Bags, which is a far stretch for price, but is HUGE and beautiful.

four // reflector set
This is another pretty pricey gift, but if the person you're gifting is a portrait photographer and they don't have reflectors yet, I can almost guarantee you they want some. These are super helpful because they bounce light onto the subject of the photographs which helps speed up post processing. The set I've been looking at is the Westcott Reflector Kit which I've heard about through Amy & Jordan's blog. Again, it's a pretty penny, but definitely worth it for a portrait photographer.

five // instax polaroid camera
I know, it's kind of basic to want one of these cameras, but they're seriously so stinkin' cool. Plus, they're not too bad in terms of price at around $60 from Target. These are a lot of fun, easy to carry around, and they're really nice quality.

six // cool vintage photography equipment
I'm kind of an old lady, so I love looking around old antique shops, and one of the things I find most interesting to look for is old photography equipment. Most often, it doesn't work, but it's still really interesting to look at, and is generally not too pricey, so this could definitely be something fun to pick up for your friend that likes displaying stuff like that in their home! Plus, it'll make for a fun trip through the antique store ;)

seven // prints of their favorite photographs
I LOVE getting my photos printed and framed, and one company I've really been loving lately for that is Parabo Press. It's super easy to get the photos from them and their prices are fantastic!! They also offer gift cards, so if you're not sure what photo they would want printed, just get them the gift card and they can pick it out themselves!

I really hope this little gift guide was helpful for y'all!! What other gift guides would you like to see in the future?

Have a great day!

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