Wednesday, September 14, 2016

6 girlbosses you need to follow

You know when you look at a blogger and you're like 'WOW they are so cool. I really look up to them a lot'. Yeah, me too. As bloggers or online entrepreneurs, having role models is so important, so today I wanted to share with you a few of the amazing #GIRLBOSSES that I look up to in the blogging community and that you definitely need to be following.

Cristina Mandujano // Cristina Was Here
Y'all, I'm high key a lil obsessed with Cristina. She's such a cool person (like she's smart and beautiful and so nice - wow) and her blog content is always so so good!! Some of my favorite posts of hers are this AMAZING post she wrote about anxiety, this post about traveling to Austin, and her post on $5 at home spa night ideas  If you're not following her Snapchat (cristina96x), you are missing. out.

Cristina's Twitter // Instagram

Helene Sula // Helene in Between
Helene's blog is amazing, y'all! Her content has been so helpful to me since I started blogging and I have loved watching how she and her husband are preparing for their move to Germany!! Her Instagram is always so beautiful and I love going to webinars she hosts because they're so informative! I actually had the chance to meet her on Monday at a blogger meet up she had in Dallas and it was so much fun!

Helene's Twitter // Instagram

Hope Young // The Young Hopeful
Hope is the creator of the Young Hopeful which is one of my absolute favorite blogs right now. It's intended for college students, but 1) I'm a planner and I love reading college blogs even though I'm in high school and 2) I find that most of the time I can link the content to what I'm doing now as well! I love following Hope's Twitter and just really admire how much work she's put into the Young Hopeful.

Hope's Twitter
The Young Hopeful's Twitter // Instagram

Rebecca // It's Sunny Rebecca
Oh my goodness, I seriously can't say enough about Rebecca's blog. Her content is SO. GOOD. It's always very relevant and helpful and I always look forward to posts from her. She's super sweet and I love that she's as obsessed with fonts and stationary as I am.

A photo posted by Rebecca (@itssunnyrebecca) on

Rebecca's Twitter // Instagram

Christina Ochoa // The Social Butterfly Girl
Christina is seriously one of the sweetest friends I've met since I started blogging and I love watching her hustle! I met her initially through a Creative Coffee Hour Twitter chat (hosted by Callie Gisler, you should definitely come!) and since then her business has grown so much because this girl is always on the move! Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to join her blogging community yet, but she just launched The Swarm Society and it looks amazing! I know she worked super hard on it, so you should definitely check it out.

Christina's Twitter // Instagram

Cathleen Slagle // Classy Cathleen
Cathleen was one of the first bloggers I met when I started getting serious about blogging, and I have loved getting to know her the past two years. Her photography is AMAZING and I am always so impressed by the work her family does on their non-profit. Her blog content is always beautiful and I honestly live for her Instagram.

Cathleen's Twitter // Instagram

Who are some of your #GIRLBOSS role-models? I want to hear all about them in the comments!

Sidenote: Anyone notice that I didn't start out with my usual, "Howdy, y'all!"? It was really weird not typing those words, but I decided that as Beauty & Blazers is evolving (rebrand coming [relatively] soon!!) it was time for that little greeting to go.

Have a great day!

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