Wednesday, June 1, 2016

may favorites

Howdy y'all! I haven't had a post up in this last week because I've been super busy with finals and then we had Memorial Day weekend off - I'm a mess. Even though it's already the first day of June, I wanted to go ahead and post my May favorites. Here's what I've been loving this month!

one // 22 summer blog post ideas
Rachel over at Seashells + Sparkles put this post up a few days ago and I was super pumped about it!! I've been having kind of a creative block in the post ideas area, so I'm super excited to use her prompts for some summer inspiration!

two // twin tides otter ball cap
I recently found out about Twin Tides from Cathleen's Instagram! Their stuff is so nice and this ball cap is callin' my name (even if I can't decide which color I like best). If you want to place an order with this cutie company, you can get 15% off your entire order with my code "Alison15"

three // cutie downloads
As I'm sure you've all gathered from posts past, I'm high key obsessed with I recently found out that they have a whole page dedicated to downloads!! A whole page, people!! As you can probably imagine, I've downloaded basically every single one and honestly I've never been more lit.

four // dear wormwood by the oh hellos
I've been listening to this album NON. STOP. all month!! It's truly one of the most beautiful albums I've ever listened to (especially on vinyl) and I love love love that they based it around the Screwtape Letters (which I actually just read and reviewed). Also, if you're going to listen, listen to it in order first!! It's a concept album so all of the songs flow together like one big piece, plus you get to hear the story!

I just got Chacos a few weeks ago and I am obsessed!! They're super comfy (after you break them in a lil' bit) and go with almost everything. Over the weekend, I brought them to the lake and they were perfect for trudging around all over the place and were totally fine if they got a little wet. So far, I'm loving them!

That't it for this month's favorites!! What have you been loving for May? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!

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