Saturday, June 4, 2016

june goals

Howdy y'all! As is tradition, after posting my monthly favorites, it's time for my goals for the new month! This is what I'm hoping to accomplish in June.

First, here's a recap of my May goals. My first goal in May was to workout more often, which just didn't between finals and the end of year stuff happening. I also needed to get ready for all my tests which I ACED! I'm super confident with how all my finals went and I'm so glad we're finally done! I also wanted to work on photography, calligraphy, and lettering a lot which I did a TON of this month. I've been working on my photography business all week and did a few custom orders for calligraphy. Finally, I wanted to get some spring cleaning done. I did clean up this week but all month I've been an absolute mess so I guess I failed but also succeeded?

My first goal this June is to get a bunch of shoots done and work more on my photography business. I've booked a ton of shoots for this month and have been working on setting up prices and a calendar for my business. I'm super excited about how it's going and can't wait to book more!

I also want to focus a lot on daily bible reading and journaling. I'm starting a 99 day challenge with the girls' bible study group at my church and will be reading 4 books of the bible and journaling about them everyday.

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month so I want to bring a lot of attention to and educate more people on Alzheimer's. I'm planning to use all my various forms of social media to get the word out and just talk to more people about what the disease is!

This month I would love to read a lot. I'm super behind on my 2016 reading list so this is a big one for this month. I'm currently working on a book about Thomas Jefferson and after that I'd really like to read Girl Boss!

That's it for this month's goals! What are you hoping to accomplish in June? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great day!

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