Saturday, June 18, 2016

how to stay productive on summer break

Howdy y'all! If you are or ever have been a student, you know the eternal struggle that is summer break laziness. Most of us spend our summers watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix and refreshing our Twitters until something interesting pops up, but it's time to change that. Here's why students should be more productive during summer break, and how to do it.

First, I want to say that this post is not at all to say that you shouldn't watch an absurd amount of Netflix this summer, because that would be mean and wrong. It's totally okay to be lazy when you have time off and you should always feel like it's okay to take a break once in a while! However, I think that breaks are so much more fulfilling when you actually do something during them. Being productive doesn't necessarily have to mean that you're working in the business sense or that it has to be miserable - to me it just means that you are working towards some sort of goal. If your goal is to spend more time outside this summer, or go walking every day, going outside for a walk is absolutely a productive use of your time!

Like I said earlier, breaks are more satisfying and fulfilling when they involve more than just Grey's Anatomy (although that is an excellent show), which is why I think more students need to participate in some sort of productive hobby during the summer. This also helps for later in the game when you get back to school. While the school year is always a lot more work than summer, if students have kept up their productivity rates during the break, it will make the transition from play to work much, much easier come fall.

I have always been the girl that sleeps until 1pm and then lays around on the couch all day during break, but when I decided I wanted to actually get stuff done this summer, I decided to change that! In just the few weeks I've been on break, my summer has already been so much more enjoyable than last summer, and I haven't even started going to any of my camps or vacations yet! I've been working a lot on the blog and have gotten an insane amount of stuff done - at only a 3rd of the way through June, I had reached half of the page views I received in May and they are still growing at the same rate! I also successfully 'launched' my photography business and have been booking shoots out the wazoo. I've worked a little on calligraphy stuff and have started researching colleges more in depth as well as spent a ton of time with my family.

Long story short, staying productive on summer break is as simple as this - rap a couple songs from Hamilton, focus, and get to work.

What are you getting done this summer?

Have a great day!

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