Saturday, April 30, 2016

local festival looks

Howdy y'all! This weekend my town is holding their annual Arts & Jazz Festival and it's probably my favorite event all year. Everyone comes out and shops and listens to awesome jazz music and hangs out with their friends and family and it's just really cute. I decided to do a shoot showing y'all my outfits for this year's festival so you can get a lil' inspiration for any festival looks you might be planning this year. Also, shout out to my sister, Rachel, for clicking the button ;)

look one//

dress: Old Navy
shoes: Converse

look two//

//i look super awkward in this pic, but really i was just dancing to beyonce//

dress: Old Navy
shoes: Converse

look three//

jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Soludos
necklace: Stargaze Jewelry

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! I really liked all of the pictures we took so here are a few more just for kicks!

//the real struggle always//

//there were bees in the bush behind me and i was NOT about it//

//whip pt. 1//

//whip pt. 2//

//this is my babe of a sister//

Have a great day!
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