Wednesday, April 6, 2016

book review: pride & prejudice

Howdy y'all!! I've got a new book review from my 2016 reading list this Wednesday and I am so pumped about this one. After I finished Paper Towns, I started on Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I've actually read this book quite a few times, but I wanted to read it again this year since I haven't read it in awhile. Just to prepare you, this will be less of a review and more of a rant about how much I love this book. :)

This book. Holy cow. I swear it gets better every time I read it if that's even possible. I love the time period and setting (Regency era England) and I love her writing style and I love the wit and just don't even get me started on the characters. I am not one of those people that has visible reactions to books or laughs out loud at them, but this book makes me do that. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet literally make me cringe and Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet's quick wit always have me rolling around on the floor. Mr. Darcy's character is probably one of my favorites of all time, not just because I'm a crazy fangirl but because of the amazing character development. The opening passage, no matter how many times people talk about it, never gets old and never fails to make me laugh. Jane Austen is truly a legend and definitely my favorite writer. 

This post is really jumbled and crazy and does absolutely no justice to just how fantastic Pride & Prejudice is, but I have so many things to say I can't even think it out. Y'all. If there's one thing I want to say in this post, it's that if you haven't read this book, do it now.

Have a great day!

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