Saturday, April 2, 2016

april goals

Howdy y'all! For the first post of April, I've got a new installment of my monthly goals!!

First, here's a recap of my March goals. My biggest goal for March was to finish up the yearbook. Unfortunately, we missed our deadline, but we are much closer than we were this time last year and are hoping to finish this week. I also wanted to spend a lot more time outdoors, which I did a lot of in the beginning of the month, but slacked off on towards the end of March. With my AP World History test coming up, I was planning to start studying really hard which was a total bust. I am however starting to study now, so hopefully I'll be ready to go by test day. Finally, I wanted to start a budget. I didn't actually get one on paper, but I did do a really great job of saving my money in March, so that's a huge plus.

My first big goal of April is to get back to drinking a lot of water. Y'all know how I feel about water (in fact I wrote a whole post about it), but lately I haven't been drinking as much and I am definitely feeling the effects of that. I'm going to try to start drinking at least a Liter if not 2 every day.

This month I really want to work hard towards my driver's ed stuff. I am 16, but we didn't get my permit until about 2 weeks ago, so I'm going to try to get my license ASAP. I have to complete a butt ton of online driver's ed and start on actually like, driving a vehicle so yeah...

All students know that April and May are the months where you have to take like 5,000 standardized tests, but unfortunately I'm an overachiever and am going to have to take like 10,000. So, I'm going to study really hard for all those tests and also work towards some better grades to finish out my last quarter of sophomore year. My grades are definitely not bad (still A's), but I want them a little higher and I also want to like, actually learn things.

Finally, I want to keep a more positive attitude in April. March was a really tough month for me. I'm exhausted and annoyed by a multitude of things and it is really affecting my behavior in that I'm a Negative Nancy all the time. I love spring and April has a lot of exciting stuff coming up, so I want to maintain a better attitude and whole-heartedly participate in one of my favorite months.

What are your goals for April? Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!

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