Tuesday, December 29, 2015

4 steps to take your blogging mindset from 'ew' to 'woo!'

Howdy y'all! I can't believe that there are only two posts left of 2015, and that I am fast approaching my 3 YEAR blogging anniversary!!! It is absolutely insane to me that I've been doing it this long - it seems like just a few months ago little 13 year old Alison sat down to write her first post. But, I'll quit being cheesy now and get on with some content! This morning I wanted to talk to y'all about blogging, and how your mindset can shape your experience blogging, as well as that of your reader.

Some say the writing is what defines the blog, others photography, design, content, engagement. These are all important factors in blogging, but the way you execute all of them stems from your mindset. How you see yourself as a blogger, how you see your blog, and how you see your readers.

We all have those days where we just want to reschedule the post, skip the Twitter chat, and go watch and unholy amount of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix - and that's fine. But if you're sitting down every day and thinking 'I hate this,' then you've got a problem. Here are some steps to take your blogging mindset from 'ew', to 'WOO!'.

Write content that you are genuinely excited about. Yeah, you're probably staring at your screen saying "Duh, Alison," but there are times that I write a post just because I need a post, and those are always the times I wish I was doing anything else. When I write something I'm truly passionate about, I get SO excited to share it and promote it and tell other people how passionate I am about this thing!! Also, your readers can definitely see when you are, or when you aren't happy with a blog post. I personally, as a reader, am drawn to blog posts where the author is happy to be writing what they're writing - this is especially noticeable in bloggers who only write sponsored posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a few sponsored posts, but when that is literally all you write, and you only seem excited about one or two of the products you promote, it turns off your reader.

Look to blogs you admire to get you all fired up. You have to be a little careful with this one, because sometimes it leads to the comparison game, and we all know what that does to blogging morale. However, having someone to look up to encourages me to keep getting better, and to always try harder.

Be consistent and plan ahead. I find that when I've planned in advance, it's always easier to get a post done with a positive attitude. Also, keeping a consistent calendar helps you to create a good schedule for yourself, just like with a sleep or exercise schedule. Basically, if you know what's going to happen before it happens, you can make it happen.

Don't overdo it. When I was a new blogger, like when I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, I tried to schedule myself to write 4 posts A WEEK. And it couldn't be just any post either - each day had a theme, so I was confined to what I could write. While this isn't out of reach for a full time blogger, for a 13 year old who also had to balance school and extracurriculars, and who had no frame of reference, this was completely out of reach. I guarantee, you won't be motivated to get stuff done if there's too much stuff to do.

Hopefully these simple steps will help you to rethink how you write your blog, to make it something you're super duper excited about!! How do you keep a positive attitude about blogging? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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