Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 year in review

Howdy y'all! With this being the last post of 2015 (!!!!!!!), I thought we could take a little trip down memory lane. Here's my 2015 year in review.

In January, I was trying to get back in to blogging (and failing miserably, I might add). The only thing I posted all month was a recipe for these Cowboy Cookies.

In February I did a little better with two posts. In the first I made these cute little Valentines, and in the second I ranted about how much I didn't like this mascara

March had another two posts which I'm honestly not too proud of. I could have put more effort into these for sure. Read a standardized testing pep talk and how to redo your room on a budget at the links.

April was also kind of a gross month for B&B. While I put a lot of effort into these posts, I really wasn't all that happy with them. After Easter I posted 3 recipes to use all of your leftover eggs and some of the tunes I was listening to at the time.

In May I was so stressed about school that I decided to take the month off, which I regret immensely. My finals were not all that bad that semester, and I definitely could have used that time to be growing my blog.

Towards the end of June I started coming back strong with a recipe for Firecracker Flag Cakes. This was also the time I started applying myself to research and engage in the blogging community.

In July I didn't miss a single post! This was a huge step for me as a blogger because I was beginning to show real commitment to my blog. I first posted a summer lookbook along with my love letter to blogging, a post about my time at church camp, and an ootd.

In August I wrote 3 posts that I LOVED. The first was a post about gratitude, a message I think is one of the most important to spread. The second was a Breckenridge travel guide along with a few of the pictures I took there. Finally I posted some of the outfits I wore on my first week back at school.

September was another pretty good month for B&B. I saw a lot of progress in my traffic due to my engagement in the community, and I was pretty happy with my posts. I wrote about what I was watching on Netflix, my top 6 favorite blogs at the time, an outfit I wore to a wedding, and how I used my planner.

October was the month I switched from one post a week, to two. I started my Currently Coveting series, was nominated to do the Liebester Award, shared my struggle with being motivated, put together a fall ootd, participated in the Gal Pal Holiday linkup with a post on what to do on Halloween, even if you aren't a fan, and shared what I carry in my purse.

In November I began documenting my monthly goals so that I could stay accountable and created this easy DIY editorial calendar. I ranted to you all about how much I love water, continued the Currently Coveting series, and told a story about the time I took pictures on the field of AT&T Stadium. Finally, I started getting into the holiday spirit with my first gift guide of the season, and another Gal Pal Holiday post.

I kicked off December with my monthly goals and 25 random facts about me. I shared another gift guide, a new installment in Currently Coveting, and a Gal Pal Holiday post on my Christmas playlist. I participated in the Blogger Secret Santa linkup and wrote about how you can transform your blogging mindset. I finish December with this post.

My year started off as a pile of crap. I was not happy with my blog, and my posts reflected that. I know everyone says it, but it really is true that you NEED to be involved in the blogging community for a successful blog. I am so proud of the amount of progress I have made this year, and hope that I can continue to grow in 2016.

Thank you all so much for supporting Beauty & Blazers and encouraging me along the way. I am truly so grateful to have found all of these amazing people with such incredible work ethics and can't wait to continue to work with y'all.

You rock my socks,
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