Tuesday, November 17, 2015

story time: the one where i was, like, a real journalist

Howdy y'all! I'm kicking off this week with a little story. It's the one where I was, like, kind of, a real journalist. Pretty neat stuff.

Fall in Texas means one thing: football. My school has been building up our program the last couple of years and made it to playoffs this year (!!! ya go broncos !!!). Since we're in the Dallas area, one of the stadiums they use for playoffs is none other than Jerry World (and/or AT&T Stadium and/or Cowboys' Stadium). We were lucky enough to get a spot there for our first playoff which is pretty frickin' cool in itself. But there' s more.

I'm an editor/designer/photographer for my school's yearbook crew which opens up a lot great opportunities for me to participate in things up close. It just so happens that yearbook got some passes for the. field. of. AT&T. Stadium. And it just so happens that I. got. one.

Not gonna lie, I freaked. I was super excited leading all the way up to the game, and when it finally came time to head to the stadium, I had my level one pass ready, and my favorite lipstick in my camera bag. It was a little stressful to get all situated and checked in, but then I got in the press elevator. The lady pushed the button (F is for Field if you were wondering), and the second those doors closed, I did a happy dance all the way down. It came out in this weird tunnel-y thingy (wow great description words, Alison) and one of the other girls in my crew came to meet me. We screamed and did happy dances all the way through the tunnel and onto the field.

And then I was on the field. And there was a team getting pummeled and lots of security and a really, really, really big jumbo-tron (the second largest in the world, actually). I got to the rest of my crew and we all did happy dances and took selfies for Snapchat and pointed at spots on the field claiming that Tony Romo had probably spat there even if he definitely hadn't.

We all got settled with our camera equipment and started to take pictures as the game began. We scored a touchdown in the first play of the game, and another in the second quarter. Halftime rolled around and we took a quick break from shooting to take more selfies (yearbook kids, man. what can ya' do?). We switched cameras and I got to shoot our large lens, whom we've affectionately named, "Big Dawg". The other team was gaining on us. We were 12-11, at the end of the game when my school ran out the clock and won the first round of playoffs in AT&T Stadium.

This was such a cool experience for me because I stood on the field where Dez caught it (you know he did too). Because I got to run down the end zone while trying to get the perfect shot of our boys singing the alma mater. Mostly, because I felt like a part of something big and exciting. I felt like a real journalist.

Got any neat stories to share with me? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Have a great day!

p.s. if you didn't catch the Friends reference in the title of this post you aren't a real person.

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