Friday, November 20, 2015

gift guide for the animal lover

Howdy y'all! This week I'm feelin' real festive (I'm actually listening to Christmas music as I write this), so I decided to post my first gift guide of the season. Everyone's got an animal lover in their life (for me, it's my daddy's mom and my little sister), and even if they aren't the dog whisperer, who doesn't love a cute lil' puppy?

The first gift was actually featured on Oprah's Favorite Things for two years in a row. If Oprah loves it, you know it's legit, amirite? These adorable ornaments from Moon and Lola are cut in the shape of the breed of your dog/cat and can be inscribed with that pet's name. This is such a special gift because it will last forever, and will bring back memories of your best bud, even if they aren't with you anymore.

Get them a cute throw pillow like this "Raining Cats and Dogs" one or this pug one (because we all love pugs) both from Society 6.

The love doesn't just have to be limited to domesticated animals! If you've got more of a safari gal on your hands, try this elephant succulent planter.

Tea/Hot Chocolate/Coffee drinkers would love to cuddle up with a book and this fox mug from ModCloth.

Also from ModCloth, this super cute dress has got PUPPIES ON IT. How sweet is that?! Plus it's on sale for 60% off right now. ;)

If you're looking for something really meaningful, get them this Lab charm from James Avery, or whatever breed they may have. Just make sure they have a chain or charm bracelet to put it on!

If you have any ideas about what to get for the animal lover in your life, make sure to let me know my commenting, or tweeting at me!

Have a great day!

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