Wednesday, November 25, 2015

diy thanksgiving place cards

Howdy y'all! This week I'm comin' to ya with a new post for the Gal Pal Holiday linkup, hosted by Cathleen, Cristina, and Rachel. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we all know how I feel about gratitude (read my post about it here), so this week I'm going to show y'all how I made some little turkey place cards for our family dinner.

In celebration of all the things we've been blessed with, my family always does a Thanksgiving dinner at my Grammie's house. It's the whole sha-bang complete with turkeys and stuffing and pumpkin pie. My Grammie usually does the place cards (she has mad calligraphy skillz) but this year, I've requested that myself and my little cousins, Sarah (6) and Emily (2), be recruited to make them.

What you're gonna need:
a whole dang lot a' fall colored card stock/paper
glue (I used tacky glue so it would dry quick)
pens/markers (I used this Prismacolor brush pen and a metallic pen from the dollar spot at Target)

How I did it:

First off, I used Sarah's hand as a stencil to create your basic hand turkey with the brown card stock. Sarah drew, and I cut, about 15 for our group. After cutting them, I hand-lettered all of them with the names of our group, and drew a little accent at the bottom in the metallic marker.

After doing this, Sarah drew and cut out feathers in red, orange, yellow, and green card stock which I then drew designs on, again in the metallic marker (I think the metallic really makes is pop, and seems very fall-ish). Then I glued 2 of each color feather onto each of the body's, but you could always do more, or less.

Finally, I finished these cute lil' guys off with a beak, which I made by cutting triangles out of the yellow paper. Then I added a little red thingy (I think they're called giblets??) below the beak with some red paper, and just drew a black dot for the eye.

These really didn't take very long, and the only difficult part was cutting out so many feathers. Also, I never did figure out a way to make them stand up, so we will just be laying them flat on the plates at our dinner. Here are a few more pictures of the process and the finished product.

(Snack break ft. Cheez-Its)

What kind of DIY's are you doing to get ready for your Thanksgiving events? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Have a great day!

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