Friday, October 30, 2015

what's in my bag?

Howdy y'all! Happy Friday! I recently got a new purse, so I decided to reorganize a little. Here's what I've been keeping in my bag lately.

My actual bag is a Kate Spade crossbody and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. You may have noticed that a few months back I posted an OOTD with the same purse in a different color. Yeah. I really love this bag.

What's happenin' inside:
Wallet: Because duh. I've got a simple black quilted one from Vera Bradley (similar). It's got tons of space and lots of card slots.

Stain stick: I always keep a Tide stain stick in my bag because somehow, someway, I always manage to get stuff ALL OVER MYSELF. This thing really does work and it's been super helpful since I've had it.

Headphones: There's always a time for tunes, and when there is I want to be ready. I bought these "bean" headphones in the airport like, two years ago and they are still holding up great. 10/10. A1 since Day1.

My journal: I started carrying my journal with me just this week actually. I like having it so I can write something down real quick if I need, or look up something I needed to do if I forget. My journal came in a set of 3 from Virginia Johnson.

Pens: Speaking of writing, I always keep pens with me. My all time faves are the Pilot G2 Gels in Bold (1.0). These pens ROCK MY SOCKS. I really love 'em.

Gum: I'm not super big on gum, but I really like the Extra Spearmint flavor to freshen my breath if it's gettin' stank (sorry that was probably TMI).

Handsanitizer: People are gross. People touch things. After said gross people touch things, I touch said gross things. Therefore I become gross. I'm not about that life. Right now I've got a Bath & Body Works Christmas scent in my bag, but their new fall scents are SO GOOD.

What do you keep in your bag? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Have a great day!

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