Friday, October 23, 2015

fall ootd

Howdy y'all! Today I've got a new OOTD for the fall season but before we get to that, I wanted to tell y'all about some stuff. As you know, I've been having trouble getting motivated lately (read my post about it here), but I'm trying to get back on track and with that, I'm especially trying to advance my blog. Starting next week, I'm going to be posting two times a week (Fridays, as usual, and Tuesdays). It may take me a while to get used to this, so just bear with me as I get settled into the new schedule. I'll also be participating in a link up next week, so my post will go up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday! Now that I got all that crazy stuff out of my system, here's the outfit!

Sweater: Target
Jeans: Old Navy (as usual)
Tank: Target

This outfit is super comfy and I am IN LOVE with the sweater. Also these shoes: major heart eyes. Do y'all have any fall fashion faves? Let me know all about your latest obsession in the comments!

Have a great day!

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