Friday, July 17, 2015

camp memories

Howdy y'all! A few weeks ago I attended a church camp up in the mountains of New Mexico and I wanted to share a few memories from my time there.

(This is a stock photo - I didn't have any scenery pictures of the camp I attend.)

This year, we studied the beginning of the book of John. The only gospel I've studied deeply is Luke, so I was excited to learn a little more about John. We spent a lot of time looking at how without God, we are sick, and that by being baptized, we can become well. I highly encourage y'all to study John if you are struggling with your decision to become baptized. I hadn't been baptized and was having a really hard time with that, but after looking closely at John and studying with those of like minds, I decided to get baptized at the end of the week.

I was in a cabin with a very sweet group of girls and an amazing counselor. My camp experience was losing a volleyball game {I didn't actually participate, but it's the principle of the thing ya' know?} and having to eat without our hands. It was listening to a song about tortilla chips {this is actually a real thing. you can find it here}. It was inhaling my food after literally crawling up the hill to the dining hall {I'm not so athletically inclined}. It was having deep conversations and/or talking about Hannah Montana with the girls in my cabin, and trying an eno for the first time {I'll definitely be buying one}. It was hiking in God's gorgeous creation, and sitting in a freezing bus all the way from Texas to New Mexico.

As a child, my family was never very involved in the church - I had gone to a Methodist church camp two times before last year. This was my second year at a Church of Christ camp, and I loved every second of it. All of the memories we make, the things I learn, and the absolutely amazing worship at camp are experiences I will never forget. I am so thankful that God placed my camp and church family in my life because without them I wouldn't have the relationship I do with Him.

If any of y'all go to an awesome church camp, tell me about it! And as always, if you have any questions or want to talk about God with me, I would love to!

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