Friday, February 13, 2015

adorable, homemade valentines

Hey y'all! Happy {early} Valentines Day! I hope y'all will have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Today I wanted to show you some cute valentine options that are really versatile and would be great for any age or gender. 

-scrapbook paper
-a marker
-googly eyes {optional}
-candy {optional}

You've "Wormed" Your Way Into My Heart Valentine:

For this adorable little valentine, you'll take two different shades of scrapbook paper and cut out 3 hearts for each color. You can make it longer if you want, but I found that 3 wasn't too big or too small so that's what I used. One of these hearts will need to be a little bigger than the rest for the worm's head. After cutting them out, just glue them together as shown above.

To finish off your worm, glue some googly eyes on and add a mouth and whatever other details you want. I added a little note to him to go with the candy that I put on later. To make him into a caterpillar, you could use pipe cleaners to give him legs and antenna. I thought that this was a very cute and easy little valentine that you could really personalize to make your own! :)

"Bee" Mine Valentine:

The bee valentine has more moving parts to it than the worm, but it doesn't take too long to make and is super cute in the end! What you'll need first is the yellow body, which is basically just an oval. You can make it as big or small as you want, but the other parts will have to work in proportion to that, so make sure you have enough paper. Then measure how wide the bee's body is and cut out three strips of black paper in the same length. Next you take your yellow paper again and cut out two reasonably big hearts to be his wings. Last, but not least, use the black paper to cut out his antenna and stinger. Then all you have to do is glue it all down!

After you have the structure of the bee, you'll add the details. I put googly eyes, a mouth and a little "Bee" Mine note on mine. Again, a very sweet valentine that is gender neutral. 

Because these are the valentines I'm giving to my friends, I taped their favorite candies onto the valentines, but this is obviously optional as well as interchangeable. Overall, I really like the finished product of these valentines, and hope they will give you some ideas for your valentines! If you make these, or any valentine really, I would love to see it! You can tag me on Twitter, @beautyandblazer , or comment below to tell me about it. Thank y'all for reading!

Love y'all!

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