Saturday, September 13, 2014

a tribute to t-bone

Recently, my family lost a great friend, a loving protector, and a perfect dog. His name was T-Bone. He was a Chocolate Lab, and probably the smartest dog I'll ever know. He followed my dad around like he was a god. Even when it was hard to get up, if Daddy was moving, he was moving. He went to work with him every day, and if he didn't get to go somewhere, you could surely find him crying at the door. His favorite pastime was napping. If he wasn't doing that he was eating. He loved to go dove hunting with Daddy. Sometimes he retrieved and forgot about the giving it back to Daddy part. Swimming was a treat for him, and oh how you could see his smile when he was. He had really bad collar stink, and let's not even mention when he had gas. He was very calm around kids, even if they were pulling his tail and crawling all over him (or dressing him up as pic. #3 shows). It is these qualities, and more, that I will miss about our sweet dog. T-Bone had a certain aura around him, that you could just tell he was a good dog, and he was. It will never live up to what he deserves, but this is my tribute to T-Bone. I love you, Teebs.


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