Monday, October 3, 2016

october goals

Happy October, friends!! September flew by, and it's already time for me to share my October goals! However, I'm trying to change it up a little this month. Typically, my goal posts consist of general statements and a little elaboration about what I want to work on that month, but this month I'd like to make it a more actionable plan for myself, and a more interactive experience for my readers! In an effort to do that, I'll be going into a lot more detail about how I plan to accomplish my goals, and making accompanying 'challenges' for any of y'all that have the same goals as me. I'm super excited about this and really hope it will help make my content a little more worth-while for y'all!!

First, a September recap. My biggest goal for September was to book at least two senior shoots for my photography business. I actually had two booked, but one girl unfortunately had to cancel on me. I'm hoping she'll be able to try again in the spring, but we'll see! I also have a family shoot booked in a few weeks and I've got quite a few people who are interested in booking. Last month, I also wanted to grow my engagement in the blogging community. I'd say I okay on this, but not great. I read and commented on a lot of blogs and finally got my Instagram mojo back after a major creative rut, but I didn't do so well with Twitter and kind of slacked off on writing posts toward the end of the month. I also really needed to study for the PSAT. That didn't happen. I haven't had much time with school, but you can bet that'll be something I work on this month. My final goal for September was to start working out more. This also didn't happen, but this month I'm joining the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge, and am planning to follow that so it's a little less open ended.

My biggest goal in October is to establish a daily Bible reading plan for myself that I actually follow. One of the blogs I follow on Twitter, Seersucker Sass, tweets out a chapter of the day every day so that her followers can read along with her, and I'm planning to do something pretty similar. I'm starting out with a study of Isaiah and I'll be tweeting out the chapter of the day every morning so y'all can follow along. I've also made the graphic below to show what chapter we'll be on for every day of the month.

I also really want to work on improving my photography skills this month. I've been feeling kind of down in the dumps in terms of photography and have been playing a lot of the comparison game. I really want to learn more about my camera and editing and that really just means more practice and more research. I'm going to start the 365 photography challenge (you make an album of one shot from every day of the year) and am going to practice with my Classroom in a Book Photoshop Book.

Finally, I really want to step up my piano game this month. Over the last few months I've been really disappointed with myself for not working more diligently toward improving my piano. I'm lucky enough that my parents pay for my lessons and that I have a piano - I need to take advantage of that resource more effectively. Most of the time I just practice whenever I remember to, but I'm going to start including piano in my everyday to-do list and setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to practice at a specific time.

Usually, I try to post 4-5 goals every month, but in addition to creating more actionable plans for reaching my goals, I want to scale down the number of things I'm trying to accomplish every month so I can really focus in on the one's I've planned for, so this month I'm only sharing 3 goals with y'all.

What are your goals for October?

Have a great day!

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