Saturday, October 29, 2016

october favorites

Y'all, I say this every month, but I seriously cannot believe that October is already over!! I'm seriously so pumped for the holidays and specifically CHRISTMAS. But, since it's still October, here are a few things I was loving this month.

one // SOCKOS
Holy guac y'all. I know I've talked about how much I love my Chacos quite a bit on the blog, but Sockos bring it to a whole new level. Basically, you just wear socks under your Chacos and it's the comfiest thing you'll ever put on your feet even if you do look a little bit like your grandpa when you wear 'em.

two // Jessica Whitaker's Build & Bloom Photography Facebook Group
Okay so I have a couple photography faves for this month, because that's been on my mind a lot, but this Facebook group is AMAZING!! Everyone in it is so talented and I'm so inspired by all the images I see daily. Also, if you've never looked at Jessica Whitaker's work, you are MISSING OUT. Her photos are gorgeous and her YouTube is awesome for anyone trying to learn more about photography!!

three // Amy & Jordan Demos
For all my photography fans out here, this husband and wife team is seriously SO TALENTED. Also, they're freakin' adorable. They live in Arizona and take beautiful desert pictures in crazy desert light and they're definitely some of my favorite photographers right now. They have a amazing blog and newsletter for learnin' all about photography and how to run a business and it's been my go-to resource since starting Dixie Marie Photography!

A photo posted by Amy Demos (@amy_demos) on

four // allie biddle embroidered art
This girl is a local artist I've been following for a while, and I finally got to buy one of her pieces a couple weeks ago - I'm obsessed!! She does embroidery hoops with cute lil patterns, and she also does embroidered cards and notebooks. Her stuff is super cute and very well made! 10/10 would recommend to a friend ;)

That's all for this month!! What were you loving in October? Tell me about it in the comments!

Have a great day!

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