Sunday, August 21, 2016

how to stay optimistic about a new school year

Howdy y'all! School is starting tomorrow for me and I know a ton of my blogger friends have already started, so today I want to talk a little bit about how we view the school year and how we should be viewing the school year.

I struggle so much with negativity - I can always find something to complain about and I get very riled up about it even if it's not all that important. Over the past school year, I was kind of miserable because it seemed like everything was going wrong. I was almost always angry about something and by the end of the year absolutely abhorred coming to school everyday. I found that right when school got out for summer, I was a much, much happier person and since then have been trying to channel that optimism and work on having that all the time.

I'm nervous about going back to school because I think it's very possible I could slip back into old habits of a bad attitude and I'd really like to be more of a light this year. So, I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself, but also as a challenge to all students to be a light in their school community this year - whether at the high school or college student, it's important that we remain optimistic about school.

But how do you do that?

For one thing, quit posting how upset you are about back-to-school all over social media. I'm guilty of this just like everyone else, but first of all, it's disheartening and discouraging to all of the people that see that tweet or Instagram post, second of all, it's encouraging your own 'bad behavior' by making you think negatively about the situation. Instead, try tweeting something that you're excited for this year, or wish others luck with their school starting.

Another thing I try to do is find things to get excited about. For me, this year it's the teaching class where I'll get to intern as a student teacher at an elementary school and the yearbook that I get to start designing and working on. Maybe make a list of all the good things about school to look at or buy yourself a treat every Monday so you have something to look forward to.

Something I'd like to do this year is get someone to keep me accountable. Ask one of your friends to stop you if you start complaining excessively or have a negative attitude about something. You'll be able to regroup and regain a positive mindset.

Lastly, remember that school is a privilege and it's so important to get educated. I know sometimes that's hard when you have a teacher that doesn't teach but if that's the case then you need to figure out a way to educate yourself. I have struggled with that A LOT over the past two years, but I'm not putting up with it anymore. You deserve an education and if that means you have to be your own teacher, then you've got to be your own teacher.

How are you staying optimistic this school year? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

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