Saturday, July 23, 2016

100 things i love about blogging

Howdy y'all! I'm super excited about today because this is my 100th post!! I can't believe I've actually written that many posts and been blogging for this long. In honor of my 100th post, today I'm sharing 100 things I love about being a blogger.

1. How much it's helped me to grow my photography skills
2. Having sweet blog friends that encourage me and all my creative work
3. Twitter chats (shoutout to my #CreativeCoffeeHour and #GalPalChat fam)
4. Having access to analytics for all my social media accounts (business accounts are the best)
5. Learning to use Adobe programs like Photoshop and Lightroom
6. Being introduced to so many cool photographers' work
7. Getting to do more design stuff
8. Learning about coding and HTML (even if it does make my brain hurt)
9, Getting to work with really interesting companies
10. Webinars
11. Facebook groups (Gal Pal Girl Gang is the cutest thing I've ever been a part of)
12. Justifying my intense Pinterest surfing by saying that it's for the blog
13. Telling people about what I do
14. The feeling you get when you hit publish on a post you're really proud of
15. Feeling productive even if I'm just sitting in front of a computer all day
16. The fact that blogging can be mobile (Work outside anyone?)
17. Supporting other bloggers
18. Getting a notification that someone commented on one of my posts
19. Blogging communities like She Can
20. Being able to use excessive hashtags and not feel guilty about it
21. The fact that I can write about literally whatever I want
22. The business skills I've gained
23. The fact that blogging gave me the courage and skills to start my own photography business
24. The exciting feeling when you know you've taken a really good flatlay
25. People randomly coming up to me at school and talking to me about my blog
26. Following other bloggers on SnapChat (bloggers always have their Snap game on point)
27. Making post graphics
28. Finding my blogging voice
29. The sense of confidence I've gained
30. Finding lots of gorgeous free fonts
31. Creative Market weekly freebies
32. Figuring out how I want to portray myself as a blogger
33. When my Instagram feed looks bangin'
34. Feeling like I have something to do every day
35. Having the resources to learn something new every day
36. Getting to encourage other bloggers when they're slaying the game
37. Editing blog pictures
38. Having a whole folder on my phone dedicated to blogging
39. When I have a really successful brainstorm session
40. When a random idea pops into my head and I know it's going to be a good one
41. Editorial calendars
42. Justifying my excessive love for stationary by saying that I need it for the blog
43. My "Blogging Day" Francesca's mug
44. Feeling like I'm making an impact when I write about something important to me (especially the #ENDALZ movement)
45. When I can convince my sister to help me shoot for outfit posts
46. Getting neat free resources by email from other bloggers
47. Meeting my snail mail pal, Faith
48. Linkups
49. Doing cool stuff like Blogger Secret Santa
50. Writing seasonal/holiday posts
51. The sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a post I worked really hard on
52. Listening to Spotify while I write and finding new music (shoutout to Discover Weekly)
53. Learning about cool products and services because somebody else wrote about it
54. Always knowing when there's a good sale happening (thanks @ fashion bloggers)
55. Finding new people to follow on Instagram
56. Knowing that if I have a question I'll always be able to find someone to answer it
57. The community wide obsession with cool pool floaties, mugs, and gorgeous planners
58. Having friends spread all across the country
59. Always knowing where I can find a good gift guide
60. Getting lots of good Netflix suggestions with just one tweet
61. List posts
62. Knowing that in the future I'll get to be a part of the college blogging community
63. Brainstorming blog ideas when I'm bored in school
64. Being challenged to do better by the community around me
65. Always having something I can be working on
66. Keeping myself on track by writing monthly goal posts
67. Seeing the steady growth in my traffic
68. Figuring out something to write about after I've had blogger's block
69. Always having people to obsess with over fonts and photos
70. Seeing how much better my content has gotten over the years
71. Knowing that the skills I've gained while blogging are lifelong assets
72. When I can apply a blogging skill to real life
73. The feeling of accomplishment when my Hootsuite dashboard is full of scheduled tweets
74. Finding good walls to take pictures of when I travel
75. The insane number of Southern bloggers
76. Finding yummy recipes from other bloggers
77. Getting to share other bloggers' work
79. Pre-writing dance parties
80. Post-writing dance parties
81. Break time dance parties (I like to dance a lot)
82. The community wide obsession with the Target Dollar Spot
83. Having a whole section of my planner dedicated to blogging
84. How much time I have to blog during the summer or on breaks from school
85. The satisfaction of having posts pre-written and scheduled for weeks in advance
87. How encouraging our community is
88. Knowing that if I tried hard enough I could make a career out of blogging (I'm not planning on it but it's still nice to know)
89. Knowing that if I make content I'm not proud of I don't have to publish it
90. Checking off items on my to-do list
91. Knowing so many cool #GIRLBOSSES
92. The whole concept of having a blog bestie
93. No one will judge me for my entire wardrobe being gingham
94. Reading books by bloggers for bloggers
95. Spending hours working and feeling like it's only been a few minutes
96. Being able to make my own schedule
97. #f3a186 (the color code I use for pretty much everything)
99. Helping new bloggers
100. Being able to do so many things that I love every day

Bloggers, what do you love about what you do?

Have a great day!

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