Friday, April 17, 2015

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Hey y'all! Today I wanted to give y'all some music suggestions in the form of both platforms and actual music. I've really been getting into a lot of diverse styles of music and ways to listen to my music lately, and I wanted to share that with y'all.


I'll start of with how I listen. I definitely use Spotify the most. I invested in Spotify premium which was a great move for me. I like that I can save all of the music I want and organize it well in playlists. The big thing for me though, being a previous Pandora user, is that I can skip whatever I want and there are no ads. In Pandora One, you get more skips, but not unlimited which I think is really lame, and frankly, not worth the money. Another great thing about Spoitfy is that people can make playlists that you can listen to. They organize the best ones by category. I love this feature and it is how I've found most of my new music.

Another new way I've been listening to my music is on vinyl. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Crosley Cruiser, and I adore it. The sound quality is great and it is very easy to move around if I need to. The only problem I've had is that on newer records, the grooves may not be cut as deep as they should be, and the needle on this model can't compensate, so the sound gets all wonky. The simple fix for this is to tape a nickel to the arm. It will weigh the needle down enough to fix the sound. Some of my favorite records at the moment are "The Greatest Jazz Recordings of All Time - Masters of the Keyboard" from the Franklin Mint Record Society, the Lumineers record, "Two Men with the Blues" by Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis, and the Grease soundtrack. 

{Artists and Songs}

I've got kind of an odd taste, but bear with me. There's some really cool music out there if you take the time to open your mind to other styles and listen. I really love older music because it's real music! Now a days everything sound the same and is typically about some sort of unsavory subject. Some of my favorite oldies at the moment can be found on the Spotify playlist "Have a Great Day" - be warned, some of the songs are not old nor are they the clean version, but overall it's a great playlist. I've also been getting back into country and bluegrass lately. I adore Alison Krauss and Kacey Musgraves as well as the Dixie Chicks. For some folk-y music I highly recommend the Oh Hellos. They are an amazing band! A couple of my favorite pianists/composers are Dario Marianelli and Valentina Lisitsa. 

I hope y'all will find something among these suggestions that tailors to your taste! Leave some of your favorite songs of artists in the comment section and I'll be sure to take a look! 

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