Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how to get through finals week without crying as much as usual

Howdy y'all! Some of you have already finished up with your finals, but if you're like me and still waiting, here are a few tips to get you through testing week.

If your teacher hands you an exam review, do it. No matter what. Even if it is 200 questions long, always do the exam review. Not only will it help you by writing everything down, you'll also have to look everything up and look over it. Also, a lot of teachers end up letting students use their reviews on the test, so getting it done is your best bet for success.

Start studying the week before exam week. That way, when you succumb to all of the stress build up and curl up in a ball and sob when you're supposed to be studying, you'll at least have an idea of what your doing on the next day's exam.

Go the extra mile on projects. If your teachers have been nice enough to give you a project instead of a long, boring test, give them a project to be excited about! And who knows? Maybe you'll get some bonus points. ;)

Make flashcards. Need I say more?

Make little notes for your teachers on the test. If you can write on the test, or if there's a free spot on your answer document, write a little note. Something funny or sweet. Teachers hate finals just as much as students and it will be a nice little surprise for them.

Take breaks. Studying for your test, or during it. This will give you a free moment to close your eyes and breathe. Or, while studying, go for a quick walk, or grab a treat at the drugstore.

PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Once all of your finals are finished, go out for snow cones with your besties and party hardy!

Thank y'all for reading! Let me know how you studied for your finals in the comments.

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